Dakota Alert is a leading manufacturer of wireless alert products. Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on outbuildings or just want to know if someone is coming up your driveway, our wireless alerts and accessories allow you to be completely aware of any presence on your property.


The DCMA-4000 kit can be used by homeowners and business owners alike as a driveway alarm, entrance alert, back yard monitor, etc. Installation is very quick and simple, and it can be done by virtually anyone


The Dakota Driveway Alert is a feature filled, wireless motion PIR Sensor and Receiver Kit with an 800m line of sight radio range. Perfect for rural properties that don’t have a constant source of power at main gates and entry points.


Expandable System

Adjustable Detection Range

Time Delay for Easy Exit

Programmable Audible Alerts


Wireless motion detector

Up to a 1/2 mile radio range

Will detect a vehicle or person out to about 50 ft.

Quick and simple installation

Receiver will play up to four signals from four sensors





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