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The Mosquito device has helped police, local councils and businesses to curb anti-social behaviour on and around their premises.  


The Mosquito Anti-vandal system is the solution to the problem of unwanted gatherings of youths and teenagers in malls, around businesses, homes, council reserves and anywhere else they are causing problems and damage such as graffiti.


The Mosquito is a wireless security alarm system designed to be 'heard' by only youths and teenagers.  It's 'sound' makes an area undesirable, annoying the occupants enough to make them want to leave voluntarily.  


Set at a high frequency that doesn't annoy adults or animals, the Mosquito is the perfect, non-invasive solution for any area.  The system abides by international human rights legislation and medical reports ensure that it is safe to use without issue.


With many different configurations, the Mosquito can be installed anywhere. Current users of the system include:














The Mosquito is easily installed.  Our technicians can complete this for you, alternatively a local electrician can install them for you, or if able, they can in some configurations be installed DIY.








Design to be safe for humans

Complies with HSE Noise Regulation

Completely safe to own and use

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