SLS RTC supplies a range of premium quality tags and labels, and various detachers and deactivators, which offer convenient detachment of security tags from secured products and fast and reliable deactivation of security labels.

We specialise in RF Systems but sell the tags and accessories for both AM and RF systems. Tags and Labels come in all shapes, sizes and frequencies. We have specialist tags designed for use on certain 'problem' products also, such as Spider Wraps and Mega Tags for the tops of coffee or Milo tins.




SLS RTC offers a complete range of RF hard tags to optimally protect any kind of product.

The portfolio includes a full range hard tags for application in:

Apparel, shoes & accessories

Health & Beauty

Electronics & Media


Our hard tag & accessories portfolio enables retailers to have a wide range of solutions that also function as visual deterrents and are designed with your merchandise and customers in mind to make them as shopper-friendly as possible.

Forstag offers an all in one system saving time during installation and removal at checkout.

Fortag also offers a retractable pin to avoid injuries to staff at point of sale in particular.


The RF and AM labels are available with different characteristics tailored to the specific needs of the different markets. To perfectly secure every product, SLS RTC offers special solutions for food products, smaller products like jewellery or cosmetics and apparel that cannot be reactivated.


SLS RTC line of safers provides the right solution for open merchandising and high security. The perfect tool for preserving customer convenience, safers allow shoppers to purchase merchandise without having to engage store employees to access items protected in locked cabinets or behind the POS.



Spider Wraps have become a standard in high-theft security because their expandable cables are able to protect a wide range of merchandise.

Easy to apply and remove

Tough, secure and reusable

Allows maximum viewing of products

Visual deterrent


T149 Spider Wrap

Spider Wraps are perfect for securing larger boxed items. They alarm if taken through the EAS antenna, and also if tampered with.


T504D Spider Wrap

Like the T149, this Spider Wrap is for larger boxed items but is only half the size so doesn't obscure packaging and product information.



Smart label deactivation and detachers. Quick removal for your customers.

RF EAS Deactivator

AM EAS Deactivator


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