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The Mosquito MK4 is the most effective tool for dispersing groups of teenagers who loiter and behave in an antisocial manner... Without confrontation
•Emits high frequency tone that disperses groups on the basis of irritation
•Takes 5-15 minutes to take effect


How quickly does the Mosquito take to work?
The longer you are exposed the more annoying it becomes. It works within 5 minutes and youths tend to not return back to the area because they know it’s there.


I’m not a teenager – will the Mosquito annoy me?
It is very unlikely. People over the age of 25 years have lost the ability to hear this frequency range. It has also been proven to not harm animals.


What is the range of the Mosquito?
30-40m – but the closer you are the better it works.


What is the frequency of the Mosquito?
Teenage only setting = 17KHz
All age setting = 8KHz


What about genuine visitors and neighbouring properties?
People passing through the area won’t be affected as it takes 5-10 minutes to become annoying. The transmission is directional and won’t travel through solid objects leaving neighbours unaffected.


How robust is the Mosquito?
The unit is housed in a steel vandal-proof casing. Because the unit is mounted high out of reach the risk of vandalism is low.


How do I turn it on and off?
There are lots of options available for activation of the unit. You can choose from a timer, remote control, PIR or even link it to your CCTV system and intruder alarm.


How loud is it?
Maximum output = 108dB
Standard unit maximum is 95db. Additional micro-chip is required to get the maximum output.

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