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Asimple, safe, benign method of preventing vandalism and group anti-social behaviour.


Stop unwanted behaviour

The mosquito Anti Vandal System is the solution

to the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings

of youths and teenagers

  • Reduce vandalism

  • Reduce theft from and damage to property

  • Increase the quality of life of those affected by

  • anti-social behaviour


The Mosquito MK4 System will:

  • Disperse groups of youths or persons with ease

  • Has multiple control options including remote

  • and time activation.

  • The use of a PIR to activate the system means

  • that it will only turn on when there is

  • movement in the specified location


The Mosquito MK4 Anti Vandal System uses one of

two tone settings to disperse groups - a 17KHz

setting that is specific to youths, or when set at

18KHz, it is audible to persons of any age.

The 17KHz „high” tone is generally not noticed by

people just passing by. The device only takes effect

after a few minutes of exposure.

Designed to discourage loitering ”after hours"

in areas such as car parks, green spaces, school

grounds, industrial estates or any other areas

where people may feel unsure at night.


The Mosquito Mk4 graffiti solution can be easily installed by an electrician as a standalone device, or added to an

existing security system by a technician.


Mosquito MK4 Features:

  • 2 frequency settings

  • 4 step volume selection

  • Audible beep on/off

  • 20 minute auto cut-off

  • Inbuilt PIR activation timer control


Where it can be used
Outside community convenience stores

kids gather and cause problems
• Industrial estates during evening hours
and weekends when businesses are vulnerable to
vandalism etc
•    Car Parks
•    Subways
•    Railway stations
•    Railway trouble spots where children play
• School premises during evening hours, weekends and holidays
•   Parks during hours of darkness to prevent groups of kids drinking, using drugs and vandalising equipment
• Any other location where kids/adults congregate and cause damage


Use of this device poses NO health
issues to the public as confirmed by:

• Belgian Superior Health Council
• Health Canada
• Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health

To view these official statements & more, click here...

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