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Are you looking for a cost-efficient, yet solid solution? Cross Point MODUS systems offer just that. State-of-the-art detection in a robust shell.

The MODUS RF30 is an RF based 8.2 MHz article surveillance system offering Smart Sensitivity Control, which results in excellent detection of hard tags and paper labels and less false alarming in challenging store environments.

Being derived from the NEXUS RF30, the MODUS RF30 has the same look and feel, but without remote service features.

The optional integrated transparent panels give the antenna a premium look and function as a step blocker, preventing children from climbing into the antenna.

Panels can be printed with the logo of the store to customize the antenna.


Optional Properties

  • Anodized aluminum frame, robust design

  • Premium detection characteristics

  • Smart Sensitivity Control

  • Also available in AM technology

  • Alarm lights

  • Printable transparent panels

  • Removable foot

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