Fully interactive displays  - like those of the Playstation and XBox consoles, provide both the retailer, and security specialists a challenge.  There must be a fine balance between operability and security, to ensure that the customer still has full access to the product without any form of hindrance, whilst still making sure they don't walk it out the door.


In these situations it is often the use of multiple security products that have the best effect.  Various sensors are applied to different components of the display - 1" Square sensors to large more immobile pieces, lasso sensors for equipment with handles, even a merge with EAS systems, with the strategic placing of tags.


We recommend that you contact our consultants when looking to secure these interactive displays to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

... simple, solid security solutions.

Quick and easy orientation changing

Strong, steel, aluminium construction

Choice of colours, branding and illumination

Attractive yet discreet mechanical security option, forged from high grade steel it allows for high value Smart Devices to be displayed securely.

The unique aesthetic design means customers can interact with the displayed product fully without being interrupted by heavy and bulky security.

Additional mecahnical security...

Product is powered through a hidden, tamper-proof retracting conduit


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